Saturday, February 14, 2009

A confession-well, ok 2.....

First, I have to say, the creative process certainly gets bogged down a lot lately. I finally managed to get a couple of things completed. Not brain surgery, mind you, but little things. The second thing, and please don't tell anybody this, is that I LOVE kits. Yes, I know I have been beading and making jewelry long enough to put together my own projects and design my own stuff! However, visiting Chris Prussing's Etsy shop certainly puts a new spin on that theory. And I quote, "Art is swell 'n all, but some beads just want to have fun." I needed that, so I purchased her "Cowgirl Beads Kit". (By the way, I know first hand that cowgirls like to have fun, I am from Texas ya know!) And I had fun, for several days! No, I didn't design the bead! But I did design a necklace with the bead. I used some fun "bullet" beads I picked up at the Miami Bead Fest last year. I don't know if anybody will ever buy it ('cause it's not a good style for my chunk of a neck) but hey, I enjoyed it! And it's certainly good that "math geeks" like beads too, (say Rhombicuboctahedron 3 times fast) because if I had to figure out the thread path for this puppy by myself, I'd just have to throw it at a squirrel (as my step-dad used to say)!

So, Chris is sending me another pattern. Yep, and I have another kit for bead crochet in the drawer just waiting for an opportune moment. Maybe when that's all finished up, the bog will be cleared, and I can design a OOAK spectacular! Well, maybe not. We'll just see, 'cause I hate pressure! In the meantime, if I want art I can go to the Etsy BeadWeavers member shops, 'cause they do awesome work! So, if you're in the market for bead-fun go here:


  1. What a fun read. The beaded bead is gorgeous and so is the necklace.

  2. I laughed outloud reading your quote from your step-dad, "I'd just have to throw it at a squirrel." You created a wonderful necklace, and I'll confess too, "I love kits!" They are the very best way to learn new techniques.