Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A week for firsts...

First, I made my FIRST post in my FIRST blog! Next, I was able to curate my FIRST Etsy Treasury (West)! It was called "Feelin' Chirpy?!" Yep, it was all about one of my favorites of all of God's little creatures. Birdies. It was great fun, and I loved doing it. I would have posted a pic here, but couldn't figure out how!!

So, how could it get better, you ask? Next, Cheryl of http://www.littlestonedesign.etsy.com/ featured my Woven Heart Necklace (shown above) in HER treasury!! It was my FIRST time to have a piece featured in a treasury! (The heart is a design by Charley Hughes, aka Beadyboop.)

Yes, it was a lovely week! A record low here in South Florida, but cozy in front of my little laptop. I have made contact with some very sweet fellow bead lovers. First, in the Yahoo group 4TheLuvOfBeads of which I am a member. Second, in the Etsy BeadWeaver Team of which I am a new member. This might be too much excitement and contact overload for a hermit like me! LOL!

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  1. LOL, I am a member of both of the groups you talked about and I don't think it will be too much excitement for you.